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With full of joy and pride, we would like to invite you cordially to our Open (Game-)Day!

In recent weeks, we have worked hard to improve our Servers and the Forums. We've currently provided for you 2 new Servers and a new Forum System!

To the Open (Game-)Day you are invited you to look at everything. Our Members stand by thee questions and requests ready!

The event takes place on 29th August 2015. We'll start at 8 o'clock in the morning and the end is open! The event takes place on all our Servers. In this case, come and check it out! We count on you! Last important thing: Have fun :)

Beginners #1

Beginners #2

NoQuarter #1

Panzerwar #1

Trickjump #1
The Game Booster 8.3.0 made possible by various tuning measures the gaming computer games
even on older PCs with reasonable performance.
With Game Booster 8.3.0 you get a tuning tool that is specifically designed to make it possible
to make computer games run even on older PC's with reasonable performance. The program turns off
background processes and not necessarily required Windows services, frees memory and optimizes
the performance of the processor.

Download: http://www.iobit.com/en/gamebooster.php

This Video is a Review for the Version 3.0
We proudly presents our new Servers!!

We added 2 new Servers and hope you will enjoy 'em. The first is a Beginners Server wich have
more easier settings as Beginners #1.
The second Server is a Trickjump Server with TjMod.

Have fun :)

Beginners #2


Trickjump #1


We have to do a Server Restart and some Updates on ALL our Servers.
It could be that your favourite Server isn't online for some minutes,
therefor we want to introduce you.


19:00 CET
7:00 PM EDT


19:15 CET
7:15 PM EDT

for more information about your local time, use the time converter: http://www.timeanddate.com/ !

Thanks in advance!
Hello everyone, here is video, connecting directly to server.



/ Milliqi


Because the new Forum is a bit difficulty as the other, you are free to create
Tutorials for it. You can create some and send me or kino. We will put them
into the section Tutorials and put your name into the post.

Also other Tutorials, for example: for W:ET; you are free to send us. So, don't
be shy ;)